Lernert & Sander 'Last Season'

Does the brand name overpower the materials used? Artists Lernert and Sander’s sculptural installation ‘Last Season’ features a collection of re-raveled balls of wool originally from designer sweaters such as Prada and Celine, that didn’t sell that season. Although the end result could still be considered beautiful aesthetically, the process and context implies a downgrade in their value. The artists are demoting the brand name by pulling apart the materials of these esteemed items until they are their raw form. As if to make a statement about the underlying simplicity of the composition which would appear doesn’t justify the overpriced garment on its own. It is the brand name that gives the piece value.

This installation applies a context representing the fragile nature of the fashion brand and the ease in which it can be taken apart to its raw material. The fact the sweaters used in Lernert and Sander’s installation are ones that didn’t sell in a particular season may also be a metaphor for the harsh and constantly changing fashion industry – if you don’t keep up, you’re out.


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